The NRAC operates the KC7TMC repeaters on 147.060+ with a PL of 100.0 Hz and 449.875- with a PL of 127.3 Hz.

The KC7TMC repeaters are located on top of Apex Peak, approximate elevation of 3458′,  which is approximately 15 miles north of Las Vegas. Our repeaters give you good valley-wide coverage and extends out to Mesquite, Jean, and parts of Lake Mead.

Both of the club’s repeaters are Yaesu DR-1X Fusion repeaters with Automatic Mode Select between analog and digital mode.

The current antennas in use are Decibel Products 4 Dipole array on VHF and a Station Master antenna on UHF. New antennas are planned for the near future. Both repeaters are being controlled by an Arcom RC-210 Repeater controller, interfaced with RC-210 is a Motorola GM300 VHF radio on NOAA Weather, giving us the ability to monitor current weather information on demand.

Both repeaters are linked together during weekly net and at other times as needed. The site has battery back-up capabilities.

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Southern Nevada Area Repeaters List

This is a PDF document that is updated as information comes in.  Most know it as the PDF that used to be updated by AES when it was in town.  Feel free to download and use it as often as you like.  If you see a discrepancy please use the contact information at the bottom of the form and it will be updated.