Morse Code

Would you like to learn CW but are unsure of where to start or not wanting to wait for a local class?  There are some nice online sources and even some great apps for smart phones to learn the “Code” of the radio amateur.  If you know of more links please send an email to to get your app or site added.

Online Sources:

A great site that offers self training or even training in a “Skype” type classroom environment with a lot of great information on this classic but most effective way of communicating worldwide with low power levels and nice little kits that can be built for very little money. – Enjoy learning a new way of studying code so you can learn faster.

The CW Operators Club – Offers an 8 week training class via Skype 3 times per year. From beginning to advanced CW contest operating.

Learn Morse Code Online – Online self training that is customizable.

Apps for phones:

Android available in the Google Play Store:

Morse Mentor – Free with ads but can be purchased for a nominal fee to support the development team. Fully customizable send speed and spacing using the Farnsworth or Koch Method

Morse CT- Free with ads, customizable send speed using Farnsworth

Morse Toad – Setup like a video game free with ads customizable send speed using Koch Method

There are many more, to many to list in fact.  But if you have a recommendation by all means send us an email!!

iPhone: Available inthe iPhone Aps Store

Thank you to Sonya N7LVN for the following iPhone info on “Morse Utility”:

“Morse Utility”, it is free. It reads, creates, beeps and flashes morse code. The “read” mode will ask to use your phone camera. You can point your phone camera at the morse code being flashed to you to be translated and printed out on the screen. You have a “Home” link at the top of the read mode to take you back to the app. There is a line at the top of the app and if you type something and hit done it will display the morse code for whatever you typed. You have the option to copy it for pasting into another app, email, text message, etc. You have the option to have it beeped via the phone’s speaker. You have the option to have it flashed via the phone’s camera flash. The action button you chose will turn into a red “Stop” button The app will to continue to beep or flash until you press “Stop”.

Here are some YouTube Videos with some information.

Abbreviations (Q Signals) used in CW from Vienna Wireless Society

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