Amateur Extra Classes

This is your last class of license as an amateur radio operator. This class normally starts in April and the book you will need is ‘The ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio’.

For more information or to sign-up for the next  class contact Dennis Simon, KB7UTV, at 643-1670. Please leave a message any time and he will get back to you.

Basic Course Outline

 Class 1   Extra Class Overview

Operating Practices

Digital Modes

Amateur Satellites

 Class 2    FCC Rules and Regulations

 Class 3    Radio Mathematics

                    Electrical Principles

 Class 4    Electronic Circuits

                   Electronic Components

 Class 5   Electronic Components

                   Electronics mathematics

 Class 6    Electronic Circuits

 Class 7   Electronic Circuits

 Class 8   Radio Signals

                   Test Equipment

 Class 9    Interference

                   Radio Modes

                   Amateur Television

 Class 10  Receiver Performance

                   Antennas and Feed Lines

 Class 11  Antennas and Feed Lines

 Class 12  Antenna Designs

                   Radio Propagation

 Class 13  Safety