Technician Classes

This is the first license you get when you start out on your adventure in amateur radio. Even is you do not understand electronics, the instructors will teach you everything you need to know to confidently pass the test. You will also have some review to insure you are ready for the test. This class is held every September, the book that is required is ‘The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual’.

For more information or to sign-up for the next  class contact Dennis Simon, KB7UTV, at 643-1670. Please leave a message any time and he will get back to you.

Basic Course Outline

 Class 1    History of Ham Radio

The FCC and Licensing

Radio Signals and Waves


 Class 2   Radio Equipment


                   Electronic Components and Units

 Class 3   Types of Radios and Radio Circuits

 Class 4   Propagation

                   Antenna Systems

 Class 5   Transmitters and Receivers

                   Digital Communications

 Class 6   Power Supplies and Batteries

                   RF Interference (RFI)

                   RF Grounding

 Class 7   Band Plans

                   Making Contacts

                   Using Repeaters

                   Emergency Communications

 Class 8   Special Activities, Modes and Techniques

 Class 9   FCC Rules and Regulations

 Class 10 Electrical and RF Safety

 Class 11 Mechanical Safety