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Would you like to join our club? Download and print the NRAC Membership Application, .PDF file, and fill it out. Mail it to: NRAC, ATTN: Secretary, 4082 Paramount St, Las Vegas, NV 89115-2330, along with your annual dues and a copy of your amateur operator license. You may also bring it to our monthly meeting and give it directly to our treasurer. Dues are $24.00/year for individual members and for families $36.00 /year,  due in July and prorated for new members who joins later in the year. To open the application you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from Adobe.  If you would like to use our newest option PayPal just email your application and make a payment below using the PayPal option below.

Are you new to ham radio and looking for a club to join? We have a bargain for you. If you have received your license in the last 90 days you can join the club and get a one year membership for FREE. Yes Free, just print this Technician Certificate and send/bring it with your application and a copy of your license.

If you have upgraded your license within the last 90 days we have a reduced membership cost for you. You will receive 6 months of free membership, just print this Upgrade Certificate and return it with a copy of your license and application. If you are already a club member and have upgraded present this certificate with a copy of your upgraded license and you too will receive this offer.


Click the link below for PayPal payments for membership dues.  There is an extra surcharge if paying with PayPal as prices indicate below.

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